Technics Servicing

Technics Servicing

Have your Technics turntables seen better days? Not running right? Been stored for a long time? Or simply have they just not been serviced for a while?

We have over 20 years experience working with Technics Turntables as both electrical engineers and professional DJ’s, so we know these turntables, inside out!

Rest assured that your turntables will be well looked after in our capable hands. Book your Technics turntables in for a full service to enjoy and prolong the life of these engineering masterpeices.

Full Service – £120.00 per Turntable

Breakdown of everything included in a “Decknics” Technics Service:

  • Tone arm health check and adjustment if necessary
  • Channel Contact Cleaning
  • Re calibration of Pitch Zero Point
  • Re calibration of Pitch Scale to Factory Setting
  • Re calibration of Platter Stop Brake
  • Cleaning & Lubrication of all Control Switches
  • Gimble Bearing Lubrication (lateral & vertical)
  • Anti – Skating Mechanical Check and Adjustment if Necessary
  • Tonearm base height adjustment ring de-seizing  and re-lubrication
  • Reapplication of Heat Sink Compound to Power Supply Transistor
  • Check, Clean & Re Grease Pop Up Lamp Assembly
  • Check mainboard component tolerances and replace if necessary
  • Thermal check of mainboard components for abnormal operating temperature & replace if necessary
  • Clean & Check Cartridge Audio Connection Spring Loaded Probes
  • Cleaning & De oxidation of All 5 Printed Circuit Boards
    1. Main Drive Board
    2. RCA to Tone arm
    3. Pitch Control VR
    4. Speed Controls
    5. Power Supply
  • Complete rebuild of Pitch Control Assembly. Most of the time, your current pitch unit can be saved by a complete rebuild and clean! Unlike other services engineers who will automatically replace your pitch unit (at your extra cost), even if it’s in good health. We will only proceed to replace (after notifying you) if absolutely necessary. We clean and Deoxidise all contacts and Internal Circuit runs, remove old factory grease and Re lubricate with higher quality Teflon Lubrication. Rebuild, rebuild & test, saving you on extra costs!
  • We also offer an optional FREE Zero Point Click Removal if you require. This enables you to mix freely around the pitch “Zero” point without the mechanical lock,  just like you can on the M3D and MK5, M5G models already.
  • Setting Cartridge Tracking Force (cartridge must be present)
  • Setting Tone Arm Height (cartridge must be present)
  • Setting of Anti – Skating (cartridge must be present)
  • Exterior Cabinet, platter & Tone arm Cleaning
  • Full Running Test & Check of all Functions
  • Touch up any deep scratches or chips with our custom made touch up pen (1210 only)

Service Add-Ons

Supplied & Installed – Only Available with a Service.

  • High Quality Oxygen Free Cables with Gold Neutrik Connectors – Add £45.00
  • High Quality Earth Lead & Spade Connector – Add £20.00
  • New Technics Pitch Control Slider – Add £45.00
  • New Pitch Slider Shading Cloth – Add £12.00
  • New Technics Pitch Fader Knob – Add £15.00
  • New Pitch Knob Square Felt Spacer/washer – Add £5.00
  • New Technics Pop up Bulb (warm white LED) – Add £20.00
  • New Technics Locking Tone arm rest – Add £15.00
  • New Technics 1200/1210 Silver/Black Brushed Metal Pitch Trim Decal – Add £25.00
  • New Rotary Power On/Off Knob – Add £20.00
  • Audio/Earth Cable Clamp – 2 piece (Reproduction) – Add £15.00
  • Replacement Mains Power Lead UK Molded Plug – Add £25.00
  • Replacement Tone Arm Wiring Board – Add £25.00
  • Silver Litz Upgraded Internal Tone Arm Wiring  – Add £89.00
  • Replacement Tone Arm Centre Pivot (Silver 3D Printed) – Add £40
  • Replacement Tone Arm Centre Pivot (Used Original) – POA
  • Replacement Tone Arm (Used Original) – POA
  • Replacement Tone Arm (New Old Stock) – POA
  • New Black/White Technics Classic Slipmatt – Add £10.00
  • New Insulator Foot (High Quality Reproduction) – Add £15.00 each or £50 a set
  • New Pair of Dust Lid Hinge Sockets (3D Printed Reproduction) – Add £20.00
  • Used Original Pair of Dust Lid Hinges – Add £35.00
  • New Replacement GenuineTechnics Dust Lid –  “No Tint” Version – Add £120.00
  • If You’ve Tried to Service or Repair the Turntable Yourself But F***ked It Up! – Add £50.00

Most common Service Package that customers opt for at a minimum:

  • Full Service £120.00
  • High Quality Oxygen Free Cables with Gold Neutrik Connectors –  £45.00
  • High Quality Earth Lead & Spade Connector – £20.00

Total: £185.00

Technics Turntable Sales Service repair SL1200 SL1210 MK2